Whole Pasteurized Milk from Pasture based, grass fed, happy cows. It’s fresh off the farm, cream-on-the top so you have to give it a good shake, because it’s not homogenized because we believe in foods as whole and close to how mother nature made them as possible. This milk is the closest thing to straight-from-the-cow as you can get without being raw milk. It’s rich, wholesome, and delicious!

• Low Temperature Pasteurized = Retains enzymes and more nutrients
• Pasture Based
• Cream-on-top
• Not Homogenized
• Real Milk, Fresh From the Farm!

We are a small organic family owned and operated farm in beautiful Sonoma County. We care about the quality of our milk, we care about our cows, we care about preserving the land, and we take care of them all because we want to see our family tradition passed down to our future generations. Our cows have a nutritionist, and the balance of lush green grass and grain mix makes their milk delicious, and the cows happy. We work together as a family, and we’ve started bottling our milk because we believe that milk should be accessible to everyone.

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  • Deliveries are on Monday & Tuesdays

– If you’d like to take a drive out to the countryside to pick up your products and save on a delivery fee, please click Pick-up in Checkout, and look at the pick-up schedule or email us for a pick-up time.

Where do we deliver?
We will gladly deliver your farm fresh needs to anywhere in Petaluma, Tomales, or Novato. If you live outside of those areas, we can deliver to you if we have a minimum of 3 families in your neighborhood to include in our route, or any minimum order of $100. (Just email us if you’re not sure, as we may already be delivering in your area).