Who We Are

We are a 5th generation dairy family who started bottling milk during Covid to help get fresh food to our community. We enjoy connecting our community to high quality food, and have discovered that we love the slow-food, farm-to-table feel that comes from getting food straight from our single-sourced farm, to the folks who enjoy our products.

We bottle low-temperature pasteurized milk, which is easier to digest and as close to raw as we can get; so it still has healthy enzymes and the fresh, sweet and creamy taste that our great grandparents would be proud of, and our children grow strong drinking. Our milk farm is certified organic and our light processes are all organic.

*We are one of the only creameries who bottles the milk directly on the farm that the milk comes from, within minutes of the cows being milked. This milk is pure – nothing added and nothing taken out – which is also rare these days. We do not homogenize and we do the lightest process allowed by law, with the least amount of hands on product as possible. This is a true family operation.

We also carry raw honey that is from bees we rescued from the NorCal Wildfires, who are now happily buzzing around the rolling hills and pastures with our happy cows.

We believe in embracing the old ways and respecting tradition, while constantly raising the bar to sustainability and growing with our community. We are a regenerative farm, we are humane certified, believe in healthy soils, and we do things the right way because it’s right, not just because it’s cool. We take care of “our girls” and our land, and they take care of us – and we believe that comes through in the quality and flavor of our milk.


The following are the brands we have partnered with to bring you a full spectrum of dairy products as well as some other local farm foods.
All of these are locally sourced from small, family-farm operations.


Farm fresh milk, straight from our Holstein cows (the cute black & white ones). Our low-temp pasteurization is considered "Almost Raw" milk, so easier to digest. We put tremendous care into our animals, so they produce the best tasting milk around. Our farm is organic, regenerative, and pasture based, and has won numerous quality awards. This is fresh, 100% real, pure, whole milk, and only milk.


We searched and taste tested all around the county for a true family style, locally owned, locally sourced cheese. When we found Vella, we couldn't get enough, so we decided to carry them for our customers, too! Tom Vella began making cheese in 1931 in Sonoma Valley. Vella Cheese is still operated by 3rd and 4th generation Vellas at their historic stone factory. The family has been making a large variety of award-winning cheese for over 91 years.


This butter will make you want to eat it in slices like cheese. The Achadinha Cheese Company is a family operated farm lead by Jim and Donna Pacheco along with their four children; William, Daniel, Elizabeth, and David. This family tradition began 3 generations ago in Achadinha, Portugal. They work hard together on the family farm milking cows and goats and producing artisan products. (They also offer tours!)


Straight from our farm, bottled on-site, from bees that we rescued from the Kincade Fire. They now live harmoniously in the pastures with our happy cows, and help with the regenerative nature of our farm. We bee-lieve that the positive energy from these happy creatures is passed on through their raw honey. Local honey is said to have healing benefits, and this stuff is the best tasting around.

Our Work

Just a glimpse into the daily life of where your milk comes from.
We put a lot of love and hard work into every step of caring for the cows, the land, and the products that we put on tables.









Meet Our Team

Our team is our family, both literally and figuratively.
We'd like to use this space to briefly introduce you to the Moreda Family, where this whole thing began. Click on the photo below to learn more about our team.

The Moreda Family

Photo above by Sonoma County Farm Bureau: The Moreda Family and their dairy cows are “Out Standing in their Field”.

I grew up on this dairy and it's made me strong, both mentally and physically. I've used the work ethic I've learned here to launch a successful career as a professional athlete, and I compete all around the world. I can attest that Milk Does a Body Good! Thank you to Mom and Dad for raising me in this amazing atmosphere and with a strong work ethic. I love our family farm.

Shelina Moreda

It's my job to love on the baby calves, and look cute for photos. I'll learn all about the hard work of the dairy a little later in life, for now it's all fun and games and I'm alright with that. I love being raised in such a unique lifestyle, I don't even know yet how lucky I am. (interpreted by my Auntie Shelina)

The Next Generation
Klancy Moreda

I did NOT know what I was getting myself into when I married this man years ago. I was born in San Bernardino, California... a SoCal city girl. I was a cheerleader, rally commissioner, and thought I was dating the high school football star (no, he's a dairy farmer). My father is a contractor and my mother was the "domestic engineer" and the architect, I had a strong working relationship to look up to. As a city girl, I could not have been prepared for the mud and flies that come with taking care of cattle haha. I am grateful to have been able to raise my family in such an amazing environment, caring for the land, the cattle, and eachother as a family. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Amazing Values Taught
Donald & Deborah Moreda Jr