Our Team

We are your Local Farmer, producing quality products with maximum nutrients and minimal processing. As close to nature as possible.

Our family has been dairy farming in Sonoma and Marin Counties for over 100 years, across 6 generations. We know milk, and our passion is to raise a healthy herd of cows and make the highest quality milk around. We saw bottling milk as an opportunity to connect with the community, help out in a time of need when Covid hit, and share something that we are super passionate about. We also want to be sustainable and make sure that our girls (the cows) have a job for a long time to come.

We have an incredible crew, beyond just the family, who look out for the animals; including a Calf Raising Specialist, a Nutritionist, Milkers, Feed Ration Expert, Herdsman, Creamery Operator, who all pitch in to make a smooth running, sustainable farm.

Our farm is made up of a small herd of genetically sound Holstein cows whose lineage can be traced through 6 generations of Moreda dairymen and a small flock of heritage breed chickens who live on pasture year round. It is part of who we are to give our animals all that we can to offer them the best quality of life. Sustainability is very important in our industry and we practice it as a lifestyle; reusing, recycling, reducing, and up-cycling. We are always setting goals to help us grow and diversify our farm. We are avidly educating ourselves as well as others.

This is a time unlike any other for agriculture, and folks often feel removed from where their food comes from. This is our opportunity to change that, to bring it back home, help people feel connected to their foodsource, and give our community a choice for high quality food from a farm that treats our animals and their caretakers with care.

Get to know your farmer or know where and how the food is grown. This is a really fun journey for us and we are proud to share our story.

We believe everyone should be able to know where their food comes from, and as local farmers, we’d love to let you know a little more about how your food comes to be.

Photo below by Sonoma County Farm Bureau: The Moreda Family and their dairy cows are “Out Standing in their Field”.