These handmade organic manure tea bags do 2 important jobs – build healthier soils and they get a good hearty laugh from everyone at the same time.

These are pre-measured for no fuss, just the right size for a 5 gallon brew (or 1 gallon if you prefer a stronger dose).

They come complete with a large hang tag resembling a tag on a tea bag, which fills the purpose of being easy to fish the spent teabag out of the 5 gallon bucket after use.

We hand pick and hand crush the cow pies that go into these tea bags (yep, by hand, and you can imagine the faces of everyone on the farm when we started doing these small batches! Haha)

Old fashioned know-how is making a comeback in the modern day because it works. And this is a back-to-basics solution to getting away from less natural growing methods.

Manure has been used for centuries as an all-natural fertilizer, and many experienced gardeners refer to it as “Liquid Gold” or “Black Gold” depending on what stage it’s in. We use it for our crops as part of our regenerative farming practices and our manure management system. So we see first-hand how well it works at getting amazing results!

– Notice in the 2nd to last photo how much greener the grass immediately around the flipped Cow Pie is… Plants really Love it! –

This “well rotted manure” – not composted or pasteurized – is naturally dried for at least 3 months, which is known to greatly reduce any risk of pathogens while keeping important nutrients.

Our Manure Tea comes with a cheesecloth “tea bag”. Just empty the plastic baggie back into the tea bag, let it soak in up to 5 gallons of water to infuse with all the natural goodness. We recommend letting it soak overnight or up to 3 days to get the most out of each bag. Leaving the mix in the tea bag reduces the chances of transferring seeds that could have survived.

The cute gift set also makes the ideal gag gift or white elephant present, just don’t be surprised if gramma fights for them… because she knows they’ll do wonders for her rose bushes!

If you’d like to complete the Gardeners Gift, check out our Cow Pie Socks to put with the gift set! And if you want FRESH cow pies… we have those too! Check out our other listings.

Thanks for supporting our family farm!

Several size options – or inquire for bulk orders.


Single Tea Bag, 5 Tea Bags, 4 Tea Bag Gift Set