Our hand-picked and naturally dried California Laurel Bay Leaves have a strong herbal scent and add delicious flavor to any meal. One of my personal favorite things to do with these is to make Bay Leaf Tea with them – it’s easy and super healthy; helps your micro biome and gut health, and has a plethora of natural health benefits, while tasting fresh and spicy. I like the taste of this homemade natural tea at least as much as my favorite “Sweet & Spicy” tea that I buy in the store.

These have been carefully selected, picked fresh, dried slowly, and proudly packaged by hand to ensure a high quality addition to any spice rack. They were grown on our certified organic farm, which receives an ocean breeze and a gorgeous fog covering for much of the year, which these trees thrive on.

The trees these bay leaves were selected from are hidden deep in our most secluded forest, so they’re as wild and untouched as it gets. Deer are the only others who’ve seen them before you have.

Some may have imperfections, as they are organic and wild. Their strong color and flavor is sure to impress. Get “back to basics” and closer to nature with our natural farm based products which help build and maintain a healthy microbiome.

At least 25 leaves in each jar, with an assortment of sizes. At least 0.14 oz in each jar net wt.