Local eggs from right here in Petaluma California. We’ve got white, brown, and Pasture-Raised which are assorted colors.

The pasture raised ones are taken care of by Aunt Heidi, Aunt Yvonne, and our neighbor Bobby. All the eggs are fresh from local chickens and are delicious and nutritious!

If you would like to reduce waste and reuse your egg carton, please let us know and we will give you the eggs in a flat so you can transfer them to your egg carton. Please write in the notes what your preference is, either egg carton or flat.

  • Deliveries are on Monday & Tuesdays
  • Pick-ups are weekday afternoons until 4 or as scheduled

– If you’d like to take a drive out to the countryside to pick up your products and save on a delivery fee, please click Pick-up in Checkout, and look at the pick-up schedule or email us for a pick-up time.

To schedule delivery, please click Delivery on your specified area in Checkout. We will schedule you on either Monday or Tuesday depending on your area. Please let us know if you have a preference on delivery time, and we will do our best to accommodate. If you will not be home for delivery, please leave out an ice chest for us to put your items in.

Where do we deliver?
We will gladly deliver your farm fresh needs to anywhere in Petaluma, Tomales, or Novato. If you live outside of those areas, we can deliver to you if we have a minimum of 3 families in your neighborhood to include in our route, or any minimum order of $100. (Just email us if you’re not sure, as we may already be delivering in your area).

Type of Eggs

Cage-Free – Large Brown, Organic Cage-Free – Large Brown, Pasture Raised – Large Assorted Color, Organic Pasture Raised – "Medium Plus" Assorted Color