• Pasture Raised “Nest Run” – Unwashed, Mixed Size & Color = Bloom intact. Unwashed yet still quite clean. These may have an occasional feather, mud, or yolk on the egg. A rainbow of colors, these are natural Easter eggs and quite beautiful.
  • Pasture Raised “Nest Run” – Super Dirty Sale! Mixed Size & Color = Bloom intact. Sometimes en egg breaks in the nest, or Henrietta stomps in with muddy feet. These are the dirtier eggs! We still prefer not to wash even the dirtiest until we are ready to use them, so these get a discount to anyone up for that farm fun feeling. I wash mine with very warm water and mild soap just before using.
  • Pasture Raised “Nest Run” – Unwashed, no debris, Brown, Medium+ = Only the cleanest of our Nest Run. Bloom intact. Medium, large, or larger sizes. Brown Only (because some people have requested brown only)
  • Organic Pasture Raised “Nest Run” – Medium+, Mixed Color = Bloom intact. These hens have been organic since they were hatched, and not only do they live on our organic ranch (like all our hens) but are also fed organic feed.*

*We are a Registered Organic operation and do not use antibiotics on ANY of our hens, except in the case of life or death, in which case they go to a separate flock and their eggs are not eaten. The Organic eggs just have the added benefit that they were organic from Day 1. Most of the hens I saved from slaughter aren’t able [by definition] to be considered organic, even though they too live an organic life.

Though refrigeration is not necessary, we do recommend it for the freshest, longest lasting eggs. You can wash them in warm water with mild soap before using.

Thanks to our friendly girls, we will post highlights from our Chicken Barn on our Instagram @moredafamilyfarm. We really enjoy their bright individual personalities!

  • If you would like to reduce waste and reuse your egg carton, please let us know and we will give you the eggs in a flat/partial flat so you can transfer them to your egg carton. Please write in the notes what your preference is; carton or flat.
  • If you order 2 dozen eggs or more, we will often deliver them in a flat to reduce waste, so if you order more than 2 dozen please be sure to let us know if you prefer individual cartons.

I’ve started my own little flock of “Country Chicken” laying hens (as more of pets)**. They’re also pasture raised on our organic farm, and we are really enjoying their bright individual personalities! We sell their eggs as “nest run” which means unwashed (European style), a mixture of sizes, just as they come out of the nesting boxes! To us, Nest Run is the best way to eat eggs, and we love eating these ourselves, thanks to our friendly girls. (we post highlights from our Chicken Barn on our Instagram @moredafamilyfarm)

– If you’d like to take a drive out to the countryside to pick up your products and save on a delivery fee, please click Pick-up in Checkout, and look at the pick-up schedule or email us for a pick-up time.

  • Pick-ups are weekday afternoons until 4 or as scheduled


**If you are a “veggan” or ovo-vegetarian who wants eggs from chickens that will live out their lives on the farm, our Nest Run eggs from Moreda Family Farm are the eggs for you. My chickens have become my pets (especially Lucy, Boris, Little Favorite, Packer, and Avaline – and yes there’s stories for each of those birds… check them out on our Instagram). I have rescued most of my hens from going to slaughter, and they will live out their life here, doing what chickens do. I’m quite fond of them all. They follow me around and I have a lot of fun with all of them.


Style of Farming

Pasture Raised "Nest Run" – Unwashed, Mixed Size & Color, Pasture Raised "Nest Run" – Dirty Discount! Mixed Size & Color, Pasture Raised "Nest Run" – Unwashed, no debris, Brown, Medium+, Organic Pasture Raised "Nest Run" – Medium+, Mixed Color