Small batch, local, raw honey.

And the best part? It’s from bees we helped rescue out of the California Wildfires.

When the fires hit, these bee boxes were in its path. NorCal Livestock Evacuation got the emergency call that they needed to get out, and since the areas got burned so badly, they needed to be re-homed, so we gladly obliged and now house them on our family’s farm in Sonoma County and our heifer fields in Marin County.

We believe in bees. The bees add to our regenerative farming practices and support a healthy farm by helping things grow and thrive. They get to do what bees do best; stay busy pollinating the trees and plants around the rolling hills of the farm. The bees and the cows share pastures and live synergetically as neighbors.

We take care of all our animals and pay attention to what makes them happy, so on our farm, we have Happy Cows AND Happy Bees! Which results in the most wholesome, real foods you can get your hands on.

We believe in keeping our foods as close to how nature made them as possible. That’s why we bottle our honey raw, right here on the farm. This is real, pure, 100% honey, unaltered, not heated, lightly filtered with all the local honey goodness from happy and healthy bees.

We hope you enjoy this honey from the “Fire Bees”!

Types we offer:

  • Pure Petaluma Raw Honey – a bolder, deeper tasting honey, in an amber brown (darker color)
  • Citrus Wildfire Raw Honey – a lighter yet still flavor packed honey, in a golden sunrise brown (lighter color)
Both types of honey are from the bees on our farm, the citrus honey has a mix of some of the delicious citrus flower honey they gather when they’re “at work” for the beekeeper, pollinating nearby citrus farms. All these bees now call Moreda Family Farm their home. These are two of the best honeys I’ve ever tasted. I use the citrus one in my tea, and the Petaluma one in my homemade yogurt and buttermilk.



6 oz, 9 oz, 13.5 oz


Citrus, Petaluma