Customize our gift baskets any way you see fit. Milk Soap, Honey, Bay Leaves, Cow Pie Tea, or add a custom cheese board.

A selection of our Farm Gifts in one very creative and personal strawberry basket. The same style fruit baskets that we use to collect fruit on the farm.

Each item in these Farm Baskets is handmade or harvested right here on our family farm. A lot of care goes into everything we do here, because this is our way of life.

Each item has its own unique story; from the honey that is made by the busy bees that we rescued from the wildfires, to the milk soap that starts with our own raw cows milk, to the “manure tea” that we collect from our organic farm and hand crush specifically for this tea which is made with the same naturally nutrient-dense fertilizer we use on our own crops.

We truly hope that you are proud to share these unique gifts with the special people in your life, because we take a lot of care in producing each one, and are proud to be able to share high-quality products that are the fruits of our labor. We are very passionate about the farm life and we believe in sharing it with the community around us.

If you want more information about any particular item, or a story to go along with your gift set, please let us know and we’ll be happy to provide a little extra note to include along with your gift.

Gift giving should be fun and meaningful, and we know that the recipients of these gift baskets will feel the love that went into making them.

• Upcycled components
• Wellness kit – “care gift box”
• Single Farm Sourced
• Handmade & Handpacked
• Easy Christmas gift, Housewarming gift, or any occasion

Choose what goes in your basket:

  • 4 item assortment $37.95 (Organic Bay Leaves, Milk Soap, Organic Manure Tea, Fire Bee Honey)
  • 3 bags manure tea $23.95
  • 4 bags manure tea $28.95
  • 2 bar tied gift set $19.95 (Choose your scent or assorted)
  • 3 bar gift basket $29.95 (Choose your scent or assorted)
  • 4 bar gift basket $37.95 (Choose your scent or assorted)
Basket Style

4 item Assortment (Organic Bay Leave, Milk Soap, Organic Manure Tea, Fire Bee Honey), 3 bags Manure Tea, 4 bags Manure Tea, 2 Milk Soaps tied gift set, 3 Milk Soaps gift basket, 4 Milk Soaps gift basket, Bon Vivant Cheese Board