Why did we decide to make soap with the milk from our cows?

  • Milk is great for our skin, so we wanted a way to get its benefits every day.
  • It’s empowering to use simple ingredients that have been transformed into works of art (in the form of a little soap bar).
  • It is fulfilling to know that we can move toward whole and natural products that will benefit families.
  • It’s a relief to move away from the chemicals we find in commercial soaps sold in stores, to a soap that’s free of synthetic ingredients and better for your skin.
  • Cleopatra believed in milk for her skin, and nowadays we know she was right.
  • We want to do our part to bring things back to local as much as possible.
  • We source ingredients from small farms/businesses whenever possible; honey from our own bees, and lavender from a local lavender farm.
  • It’s fun to create products with the extra milk our cows produce.

*There is also one scent that is made with sheep’s milk. A sheep that belongs to one of our neighbors, unfortunately lost her lamb, so our neighbor milked the sheep by hand every day so she would not be left uncomfortable, and he collected the milk for this one especially special soap, with only a limited quantity. That one you can find as the “Tropical” scent.

Eco Friendliest packaging: Our handmade soaps are presented “next to naked” without packaging and a minimal card with product information and ingredients, without a traditional box or package. The soaps are tied with a Jute bow, which is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, sustainable, low-water resource. We try to keep a low footprint while offering the prettiest products, and in this case, we will let the art of the milk soap itself do the talking.

When shipping our products, we commit to use recycled materials whenever possible, to reduce waste.


Milk & Honey, Rosemary Mint, Lavender Rose, Orange Honey, Tropical (Sheep Milk)