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We have 3 styles of butter available; European Style, Farmhouse Butter, and Unsalted European Style.

European style butter is made with fresh cream and milk, then cultured, and churned longer than normal butter.

Farmhouse butter is even a bit more specialty than that; a more difficult, craftsman process and uses whey rather than fresh milk and cream. Here’s a good article on it if you’re interested:

They are both smooth, and delicious. the Farmhouse is a little more rich in my opinion, and you won’t usually catch me slicing off bite sized pieces of butter, but I do for this style of butter. It’s mouthwatering good.


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To schedule delivery, please click Delivery on your specified area in Checkout.

  • Novato deliveries on Monday & Thursday
  • Petaluma deliveries on Tuesday & Friday
  • All other deliveries to be scheduled 1-2 days in advance, via email (i.e. Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Cotati, Rohnert Park, and Mill Valley, and between those)
  • Delivery dates can change at any time, we are still learning the groove of deliveries

– If you’d like to take a drive out to the countryside to pick up your products and save on a delivery fee, please click Pick-up in Checkout, and look at the pick-up schedule or email us for a pick-up time.

  • Currently, pick-up hours are between 4-5 pm, every weekday
  • Need to give minimum 5 hours notice for pick-ups
  • Pick-up dates and times can change at any time, we are still learning the groove of pick-ups
  • We will extend pick-up hours as necessary, email if needed
  • We can accommodate No-Contact pick-up, just email us about it so we can set your items out for you at the right time

Please keep in mind that we have just started this service recently because of the Coronavirus, to help people get farm fresh products that have passed through less hands, and so that people don’t have to go to the store for some of the basics. We are learning daily, and schedules and procedures may change necessarily. We have teamed up with other small local farmers to make this happen. This is as grassroots as it gets, we are farmers, we are not Amazon, so please remember that we are learning, and please be patient with us, and help us to continue providing this. You can help us by telling your neighbors about our Farm to Doorstep Delivery service for farm fresh products and dairy delivery!

Where do we deliver?
We will gladly deliver your farm fresh needs to anywhere in Petaluma, Tomales, or Novato. If you live outside of those areas, we can deliver to you if we have a minimum of 3 families in your neighborhood to include in our route, or any minimum order of $100. (just email us if you’re not sure, as we may already be delivering in your area).

Why the minimums?
We only recently started this delivery service because we see the need for dairy in the community, and we are doing our best to get it to all of you. This helps us be efficient. Thanks for your help with that! Email if you’ve got any questions at


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